How much did Dallas really grow in the 2000's? by Peter Graves

My ArcMap student license timed out about a year ago, and just recently I discovered Quantum GISfree and open source GIS software package. I downloaded it today and quickly got to work on a map I've been wanting to make. 

You always hear about the population of Dallas just continuing to rise, but I've also heard that Dallas proper AKA The Big D isn't growing quite as fast as its suburban neighbor cities. So, I decided to investigate, armed with a freshly downloaded QGIS and the adrenaline rush that comes with learning a new visualization program (is my nerd starting to show?)

Two maps here, the first shows the percentage change in population density (to account for variation in data region size) from 2000 - 2010 according to census data. The data is at the census block level. A data level of 95, then, would mean that this census block in 2010 is 5% less populated than it was in 2000. A number over 100, then, means that the population increased in that area. 

This next map simplifies the situation a bit. The white areas lost population between 2000 and 2010. The blue areas gained population. Thoughts?

Latest: Thanksgiving Chapel by Peter Graves

Thanksgiving Chapel in downtown Dallas, Texas.

I've been looking into getting back into printmaking lately. Last time I made prints was during a class I took way back in the day at Trinity in 2007-08, so It could be fun to revive it. Was going through old photos and I think this one of the Thanksgiving Chapel dome would look great as a print, if well done. 

We will see.